Monday, February 19, 2018

Photos of the day: Black Panther

No, no T'Challa here.  Just a bunch of real People's Armed Police SWAT training before the Chinese New Year.

The Black Panther Commando of Harbin, Heilongjiang, commissioned as a PAP SpOps unit in 1986.  Currently severing as one of the top 10 PAP SWAT units in China. 

Nice CornerShot

Sunday, February 18, 2018

North Korea scenario: Army's (not Navy's) oil tankers

Together with the PLA Air Force and the Navy, the PLA Ground Force also commands a large numbers Coastal oil tankers, mostly Type626 and Type632 classes.  They might be small (1,200 to 3,500 tons) but they deliver to small ports where where those big naval tankers could not.  They also have numbers on their side.

Those important logistics assets are generally overlooked by folks outside of China.

 Tankers running Chinese New Year supply run to PLA (Army) garrison at  Nanpang Island

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Winterfell’s defense

Winter is here. In addition to cold political rhetoric, the world also witnessed the power of Little-phat Night King’s fully operational Intercontinental Ballistic Dragon (ICBD).  It is now up to the PLA to mount a possible offensive defense.

In the following weeks,  this blog will start posting more Northern China (especially on the Northern Theater Command) centric updates.   Hopefully it will feature insight into the military options available to the King in Beijing.   One thing's for certain, the PLA can expect no Lannister army marching shoulder-to-shoulder with them -- Cersei tweets loud-and big but all she ever wanted is to build a wall facing the south (too late, no?).  Joking aside, the 28,500 strong Lannister army can’t mount a “boots on the ground” across the DMZ without completing an prolonged air campaign first. 

A note to the King in Beijing, A Lannister always pays his debts.  It stands at $1.15 trillion in Aug 2017 and counting. 

RRU -- the King in Beijing can count on 2 brigades of PLAN Marine (the third brigade is far from battle-ready), up to 9 airborne brigades and dozens of SpOs units.  Given China's advanced transportation networks coupled with their high-readiness rate,  majority of those RRU could reach the Yalu River delta area within 10 days.  This rapid troop movement capacity has been demonstrated during rescue phase of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake 9 years ago.  An assessment of PLA's response to the 2008 earthquake is here.   However, RRU are essentially light infantry units -- albeit well-trained -- with limited light direct and in-direct armor and fire support.  They also lack heavy artillery and engineering assets to overcome fortified defensive positions and mountainous terrain dotted across the entire area-of-operations.  They should know, they were there during the 1950s. 

Furthermore, unlike their Western counterparts, close tactical air support is still an luxury item few units have access to. Therefore, those RRU will not advance without support from local "heavies".   But if they do, they will be "all in".

More to follow.....

One new Type 903 replenishment ship under construction in Guangzhou

When it is commissioned, the PLAN will command nine Type 903 replenishment ships (20,000 tons each). Furthermore, they can count on:
-- One Type091 (48,000 tons) with another Type091 under construction.
-- Six Type094 (15,000 tons)
-- One Type908 (37,000 tons)
-- Two Type905 (21,750 tons)

As the PLAN increases frequency and duration of her deployments, it is natural to build a more robust supporting infrastructure to accommodate the new demand.

PLAN Marine training with ZBL09 wheeled IFV

One of the newly commissioned PLAN Marine units is seen here training with ZBL09 wheeled IFV..   Perhaps they are just waiting for their AAAV to arrive, or they are not intended to "storm the beach" like their 1st and 2nd Marine Brigade counterparts but rather fan-out rapidly after a beachhead is secured.    But one thing is certain -- they are willing to trade armor protection for speed.

As a side note, the PLAN Marine stationed in Djibouti here is also sporting the same wheel based ZBL09

ZTL09 Wheeled light tank is also spotted

Saturday, January 14, 2017

ZTL09 8x8 Wheeled Light Tank to the PLAN Marine??

ZTL09 8x8 Wheeled Light Tanks sporting the now-famous "Blue Smurf" camo were spotted in Sanya City, near the HQ of the PLAN Marine.  Rumor has it that they are now getting those wheeled new toys to increase their mobility for MOOTW and non-amphibious operations.  Time will tell.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Poor Bloody Infantry (PBI) of the day: Type 17 uniform to be issued

This is to address the long legitimate PBI grievances  -- those F-ing boots are too heavy.  The newly issues Type 17 Summer and Winter boots will be 20% lighter than the current Type 07 (here).

The lighter summer (top) and winter (bottom) boots